Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Grand Opening Paul Blanco's Good Car Company of Fresno

Grand Opening Paul Blanco's Good Car Company of Fresno

Fresno gets it's own Paul Blanco's Location

Fresno Car Dealerships
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Paul Blanco's of Fresno specializes in Hondas, Toyotas, Nissans, Hyundai's, 3 seat small, and mid size Suv's. family vans and of course the ever popular Tundra, Titan, Ram, F150 and Silverado pickups along with Ranger, Tacoma and Colorado small trucks. A very special selection of high lines will be a Fresno specialty, talking of BMW's, Lexus and Mercedes models.

What makes them the best? Along with having a WalMart type reputation as a discounter, The Good Car Company specializes in on the spot financing. Their goal is 100% credit approval for everyone with over 100 banks and credit unions competing for your financing. Paul Blanco prides himself on taking each financing opportunity as a challenge. Making sure they pick up the phone and make the call direct to the bank to put his customer's best foot forward. First to secure the financing that everyone working surely deserves, while at today's lowest rates possible. In fact when you use one of Blanco's credit unions they don't add a single penny to the lender's already low rate. This assures you of a payment that may in many cases be lower than what you'd expect.

With the great selection and financing Paul Blanco's also offers all the popular optioned vehicles in such demand today. Navigation and of course all power are staples at their dealerships. And warranties are always offered to insure your continued happiness.
Benefit at The Good Car Company further extend at their full shop, and services offered. Certified and professional technicians with very experienced management is the Paul Blanco way. Another added feature is the complete customer followup to insure 100% satisfaction. This feature of the business is directed and overseen by Putu Blanco who happens to be the wife of the owner, and a partner as well. Mrs. Blanco takes it as a personal challenge to resolve each, and every issue to the customer's complete and full approval and satisfaction.

Another interesting feature of the business is the management staff. The General Manager is James Lorca, a local resident, and veteran of several years of the retail business in the Fresno area. James and his family love the area and plan to retire among their many friends they have made here. Of course many folks are familier with the Blanco name, particularly those with Northern California connections as Paul Blanco himself is a legend in that area. Owning a franchise Ford and Chevrolet Dealerships as well as huge discount used car operations in Sacramento and the Stockton area. Paul has been a benefactor, and active philanthropist to several charities in the Northern California organizations. Putu has also been a huge fixture in the Sacramento area and charity scene. She is a huge supporter of a battered women's shelter, My Sister's House and several other local causes. Including those focused on the Pacific Islander and Asian communities who in many cases culturally have a limited voice when faced with oppressive or abusive situations. Putu runs the day to day business, and is extremely tuned in to the Company's image being a past public relations expert.
Everyone is invited whether you are in the market for a like new preowned vehicle or not. The exciting new location is on Blackstone Ave, just off Shaw. Stop by, and join us, we are told the the Central valley Hispanic chamber of commerce as well as a Fresno elected official will be on hand for the festivities.

Paul Blanco's Good Car Company - Grand Opening
4880 N. Blackstone Fresno, CA 93726
Festivities Begin at 5:30pm to 7:30pm

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Thursday, February 7, 2013

Fresno dealership off to a blazing start

 Fresno Used Car Dealership Breaking Sales Records

Paul Blanco's Newest Venture off to a Blazing Start

Paul Blanco, Quality used cars Fresno
In these days of economic uncertainty, and tight money it's refreshing to see any retail establishment prosper, but apparantly the folks at Paul Blanco's Good Car Company on Blackstone rd. in Fresno didn't get the memo. In four short months they are far ahead of sales projections. Pacing well ahead of older and similar used operations in this fair city. So how are they doing it? Why are so many Fresno area residents choosing to purchase from the Blanco group?

Well aside from the excitement of a new business and the natural inclination to "check it out" I would guess there are several factors. Not the least of which would be a world class selection.  Three huge valley stores, all with massive inventories of the hottest selling small cars, sports cars, trucks and three seat SUV's pretty much insures that these folks have what it is you are looking for. even with damaged credit is another huge draw.

Paul Blanco's has an almost obscene 120 or so lenders to serve most any case and provide the prospective buyer with immediate, low interest rate auto financing. But I would guess the biggest reason for the smashing success of the Fresno business is the able, straight forward leadership of the manager, Mr James Lorca. James is a veteran of the retail business and strives for 100% customer satisfaction. And is almost there. James is a family man who has lived in the area for many years with his wife and kids. And plans to retire here per his supervisor, Putu Blanco. James has also used his local contacts to staff the dealership with highly qualified local talent who have families here. Stressing diversity. Putu says "we interviewed and interviewed and delayed opening the Fresno dealership until we could get just the right person. I was not going to do this deal unless I had a perfect candidate. This city has a great family atmosphere and I demanded that we get someone who would fit into the culture. I knew we had the right person immediately in James."
So there you have it. The right vehicles, the right financing for the hard working folks of Fresno but most of the right people. Fresno used cars and James Lorca, a great fit.

Frank Creech | Auto Guru
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